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The sale of Trees and hedging plants is in abeyance at the present time.

The Community Tree Trust was initially set up in summer/autumn 2001, following on from the Community Tree Project, and is currently involved in seed collecting from ancient woodland sites throughout the whole of Bedfordshire. The seed is collected from native trees and shrubs of local provenance, and is grown on at the Community tree nursery for about 2 to 3 years before being replanted back into the Bedfordshire countryside to restore ancient hedgerows and woodland.

The Community Tree Trust has so far organised 80 major seed collections, during September and October 2001 to 2017 and approximately 90 million seeds have been collected so far. Some of the collected seed is sown at the Community Tree nursery at Clophill in prepared seed beds and seed trays and the rest is sent to specialist nurseries for preparation and growing on.

In total 50 schools have been involved in seed collecting, including about 12,000 school children. About 6 local disabled groups,5 local conservation groups, college students, Brownies, Cub Scouts, Guides and Scouts, and members and volunteers have also been involved in the seed collection and tree growing on process.

Volunteers and members of the Community Tree Trust who want to be involved directly with seed collecting and growing on tree seedlings and to also be involved in any replanting attend sessions at the Community Tree Nursery. Many of the members and volunteers actively take part in grading and lining out tree seedlings at the nursery at Clophill.

The schools and volunteers are given resource packs containing information about the ancient woodland sites where the collections are taking place and about the ancient woodland species. Many take seed back to grow on at their particular school and are given information sheets on seed treatment for their chosen species.

The schoolchildren and volunteers are also directly involved in replanting ancient hedgerows and woodlands that have been lost, using Bedfordshire local provenance stock, helping to increase wildlife habitats and bio-diversity.

The Community Tree Trust is currently involved in collecting seed for the Kew Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place in Sussex from a range of tree and shrub species from known ancient woodland sites throughout Bedfordshire. The project is called the UK National Tree Seed Project and to date 20 species have been provided to the seed bank.

The Community Tree Trust is involved with the education of the schoolchildren, with many of the walks involving mini-beast and invertebrate hunting, and studying the whole woodland ecosystems, as well as collecting seed.

School children and volunteers are also actively involved at the Community Tree Nursery pricking out and potting up the tree and shrub seedlings, and also planting out into woodland areas and hedgerows.

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